TRAVEL DIARY: Food and Fashion in Brooklyn

Welcome to my travel diary!!

Last weekend, I went to Brooklyn to visit my sister and we went to the holy land of all foods known to man!

This food heaven is called the Dekalb Food Market, located in downtown Brooklyn. The market includes 40 vendors in a 60,000 square foot hall.
I was overwhelmed when I walked in, but thank goodness my sister and I decided on a plan. We are serious foodies and wanted to try a little bit of everything. Our plan was to split one entrée or dessert from a few vendors.
Our first stop was Hard Times Sundaes. We ordered the double cheeseburger. It’s not too greasy, and the cheese is beautifully melted to the meat but not too melted, that it would fall off the burger. What I also loved about their burgers, is that they use buttery potato bread for their buns (yum!). TAKE ALL MY MONEY, HARD TIMES SUNDAES!!! You win the burger game!
We had our burger with a side fries from Home Frite. My favorite sauce is the curry ketchup!
P.S. This Home Frite location serves rose’!
Our next stop was Bunsmith. I was a little intimidated because everything on the menu sounded very spicy or was something I normally would not order. We really wanted to try it out and ordered the Korean Fried Chicken. I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy foods, so I think my drink from Craft and Carry helped me out a bit, but nonetheless I would order again.
My boyfriend got me into jerk chicken. So I was pretty excited when I spotted Linkkle More.  We ordered the classic jerk chicken with a side of rice. The portions are large, and the jerk chicken was S P I C Y!  I was a bit disappointed that our order was mainly bones. Maybe I received a bad batch, but I will give them another shot next time. 
This place is a S U G A R paradise!! They have donuts, churros and several sweets on display. We ordered the mini stuffed churros filled with Nutella and Dulce de Leche. I’ll let you drool at my pics. Dulcinea NYC is a must stop for dessert!
I was incredibly stuffed at this point. But I could not turn down a cake pop. The pops are several layers of cake, icing (the vanilla icing was amazing!) and your pick of cereal or candy toppings!
Besides eating like the world is going to end, my sister helped me out with a photo shoot the following day. NOTE TO SELF: Don’t plan a photo shoot after eating enough for a family of five!
I originally planned to shoot four outfits. But, I was so stuffed and not feeling like my usual sassy self. I decided on two looks instead.
Thanks to Zara, I finally found the perfect pair of black jeans, which I call BBA (Big Booty Approved). The jeans are stretchy and won’t slide down on you throughout the day. They stay in place and perfectly hug your curves. 
These over the knee boots from DSW are my favorite, they’re light weight and are so easy to walk in. I bought these last year and they’re still in pretty good shape.
I hope you enjoyed my fashion and food post! Have a great Friday!!

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