Loft Fitting Session & Friday Favorites

Hey Friends!!!!
Today we have a two-part blog post! I’m sharing my favorite items from my Loft fitting session, and a new addition to my blog, FRIDAY FAVORITES!
Starting today, everything in store and online at Loft is 50% off!! Yes, that includes sale items! Make sure to use the code WRAPITUP at checkout. I don’t know how I got away without buying the whole store!
Size: Medium Petite
Color: Sweet Peri
The periwinkle blue immediately caught my eye, it’s absolutely stunning! The coat is thick, but not bulky, and the angled zipper is a nice touch! The color of this coat is stocked in petite sizes but sold out in most regular sizes. I did find this great back up available in several sizes!
Size: Medium Petite
Color: Blue Glimmer
This cold shoulder top is so feminine and flowy, AKA the perfect top to hide your food baby after Taco Tuesday! The top includes blue velvet straps and bell sleeves.
Size: Medium
Color: Natural Taupe
I love neutral color sweaters, they’re so easy to style, and you can dress this one up or down. Cheers to me for not picking an oversized sweater for once! This fitted one is adorable!
Size: Small
Color: Peach Blush


This is one of the softest sweaters I’ve tried on! The color is a faint shade of peach with cute metallic stars over it. It’s definitely worth the purchase!



Friday Favorites will be a new addition to my blog. I’m a huge negative Nancy, so I promised myself that one of my resolutions for 2018 is to be positive and embrace happiness. I decided to start my resolution early and begin today! Every Friday, I will include a list of things that made me happy that week. If you would like to join me, you can comment below on what made you happy this week! It can be absolutely anything, there’s no judgment here! So here we go with my first Friday Favorites!
I’m happy because…
  1. I’m all caught up with Desus & Mero. This show cracks me up every time!
  2. This beanie I got over the weekend, it’s so cozy!
  3. There will be a season two of Big Little Lies! I love Bonnie and Madeline!
  4. I’ve been cutting out snacks and drinking tons of water instead!
  5. This makeup hack has been my saving grace over the past week.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay warm, winter is coming!

If you don’t know which show this is from, we can’t be friends.

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