My blogging experience so far

Hi Beautiful People!

You’re probably wondering who that girl is in the pic below, It’s me! I finally made my way in front of the camera over the weekend. I shot four looks, that I will be sharing on the blog in the coming weeks.
A bit of a confession….
I almost backed out of last weekend’s shoot. Lately, I have been contemplating on ending the blog all together. Blogging is hard and it can get very frustrating! I’m trying to gain more followers, weeding out fake business offers, reading rejection after rejection emails, dealing with people making fun of my blog. Also, I have a horrible habit of comparing my looks with other bloggers. Might I also add, I have a full-time job covering local news in Baltimore. I feel like, I have zero time to focus on anything. Thinking of all the negative experiences I’ve had so far, I felt sad and doubted myself.  I thought, I looked like an idiot for even putting myself out there and wondered if my blog would ever become successful one day. But then, my Mama and sister, Marilyn came to the rescue! These two women are my dream team, they brought me back to reality, helped me view things in a positive light and reminded me to enjoy the moments. Which is what I hope to do with this blog! I’ve decided to give this blog another go, with a different mentally. Embracing and enjoying my individuality and of course celebrating my love for fashion!
Sorry for the Iyanla Vanzant one-on-one here, I originally planned on just sharing my favorite accessories. But here we are, now you know a little more about me.
One more thing, I have had experienced positives in blogging. For those looking into blogging, please don’t let my experiences deter you! I’ve met wonderful and SUPPORTIVE bloggers, and been featured on brand’s sites and social media pages. My favorite thing about blogging has been interacting with all of you!
Back to your regularly scheduled programming…
The pics below were taken at the American Visionary Arts Museum. If you’re looking for some odd (I mean that in a good way!) and unique art pieces, this is the place to go to! You can read more about the museum here.


Outfit Details

  • Denim Jacket
  • Earrings from Elyse by Nicole. I met her last month and she is so sweet and talented! Her jewelry line is gorgeous and affordable!
  • Belt  #FakeGucciGang
  • My dress is old, but I found a similar style here.
  • Shoes
  • My purse is old from Topshop, but I found a similar one here for under $20!

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